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  • Next Suvarna Prashan (Immunity Booster cum Nano Tonic) camp is on 20-5-18 , SUNDAY
  • Ano-rectal Surgeries esp. Kshara Sutra Surgeries in Fistula in Ano (Bhagandara), Piles & Fissure in Ano (Arsha)
  • Garbhasamskar for Healthy & Happy Parenthood
  • Special Gynec OPD on each Tuesday and Thursday By Dr Krupa

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A Science of Life with Comprehensive Solution of Health

Ayurved – an ancient science of life – gives the right way of life. It is born from Lord Brahma and brought to us by Lord Dhanvantari. It possesses information about body care and the life style that lead to the path of good health & well –being. Ayurved recommends that we can rejuvenate our selves. Ayurved, being an upveda, it has played a very significant role in the lives of people in the Indian sub-continents for many millenniums, catering to the health needs of all section of society.

The basic goal of Ayurved is "Freedom from sorrow" and "Maintenance of Healthy Body Status" which served by Vaidyas since last 5000 years. Let's know some health tips from our ancient science of life – Ayurved, to keep you fit in today's speedy generation and mechanical life style.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Complete authentic  treatment through Ayurveda for all diseases, including GI Tract problems, Skin & Hair problems, Piles - fissure and fistula like Ano-rectal problems, PCOD - Infertility and Menstrual problems etc.

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Various panchkarma treatment like Vaman, Virechan, Basti etc. for body purification, detoxification and rejuvenation of health. We also offers local panchkarma like Janu basti, katibasti etc. for various Joint & Spine related problems

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Garbha sankar

Complete therapy for Healthy progeny including pre-conceptional planning to pre netal, during pregnancy, and post-netal treatment through Ayurveda. Its an journey for Healthy and Happy parenthood life through Ancient wisdom and ayurved

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